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  • How long has London Foster been in business?
    London Foster has been in business from 2013. Bobby Mahallati, our Broker and Owner has over 20 years’ experience, with a history in financing and real estate. We have Five Offices in South Florida: Downtown Dadeland, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Aventura, Weston, and West Palm Beach. We have business in New York State and plan to open offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Georgia. In the past 2 years, we have doubled in size. Last year we added 185 new Empowered Agents and this year we are on track to double that number. At present we have 1,000+ Empowered Agents.

  • What exactly is “100% Commission” and how do you make money?
    At London Foster, we want you to keep all your hard-earned money.

 We do not charge a monthly or a desk fee. 

We do not charge our EMPOWERED agents a franchise fee. 

We don’t work from the traditional commission splits of 60/40 or 80/20, as do other firms.

 We charge a flat fee to all our EMPOWERED agents; it doesn’t vary regardless of the amount of the transaction. Whether you sell a $200,000 condo or help your buyer with the purchase of a $2,000,000 home we charge the same flat fee. 

How much of that fee comes from your commission depends on you.

As we grow, so does your potential. Volume is how we remain profitable!

  • I’ve been working for a traditional Real Estate firm my whole career. Last year I closed 7 deals representing either the seller or the buyer. How much money am I realistically going to save by joining London Foster?
    This is a great question. It is one of the most frequent questions, Realtors ask!

 The sky's the limit with London Foster. We want you to strive, grow, and keep as much of your commission as possible.

We have developed an easy tool for you to calculate how much money you could have saved last year, if you had joined London Foster sooner!

 Click on the Commission Calculator link below to calculate the difference between London Foster and your present firm.
  • I know I must have an active Real Estate Sales Associate license to place my license with a broker, but do I need to be a member of an association in order to be a part of London Foster?"
    Not necessarily. You may join London Foster without being a member of an association. 

However, we recommend you do join an association if you plan on pursuing real estate sales as a full-time career.

 Being a member of an association offers access to:

 - MLS or Multiple Listing Service
 - Online Education 
- On-site Classes 
- Access to the Top Industry Software - Professional Events - Marketing Materials
 - Industry Information There are many more benefits, exclusive to active Realtors or Agents who belong to an association.

 Nevertheless, if you wish to be a part-time Real Estate Agent we can hold your license in a special division of our firm for agents that are not members of an association.
  • Can I place my license with London Foster as a Broker?
    Yes, of course.

 We have many Brokers that have come to London Foster to enjoy the benefits of a full-service Real Estate Firm with exceptional marketing and education, not to mention 100% Commission.

 All you need to do is change your license from Broker to a Broker Associate status, when joining London Foster on

 Here you can complete your Independent Contractor Agreement, sign your contract and begin your marketing suite with London Foster.
  • Does London Foster allow agents to form teams within the firm?
    We love teams!

 At London Foster, we want you to be an Empowered Agent! We like to think of each of our Realtors as fully functioning independent businesses. We want you to strategize and run your business the best way you see fit.

 Being a member of a team is a great way for empowered agents to pool their resources and strengths to strive in our industry.
  • How many offices do you presently have? Can I access any of them or am I assigned to one office?
    London Foster is constantly growing. Our South Florida offices are in Downtown Dadeland, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Weston, Aventura, West Palm Beach and Lehigh Acres.

 As a member of our team and as a London Foster Empowered Agent you can access any of our offices at any time. We have an open-door policy for all London Foster Empowered Agents.

 London Foster recently opened our offices in New York. We have plans to expand into New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Georgia, in the coming year.
  • How many agents does London Foster have?
    At present, we have 1,000+ Empowered Agents. This year we are projected to double that number.
  • Why should I pick you as my broker?
    100% COMMISSION At London Foster we make it simple: everything is included. There are no hidden fees, no monthly desk fee, no franchise fee. Your earnings belong to you. This is just one of the ways we empower and support our real estate associates. The days of having to share your hard-earned commission are long gone. ESCROW We have an escrow account that we make easy for you to use for your sales, rentals, short-term rentals and security deposits. 
Get an escrow letter in less than
10 minutes. Easy to track with same day disbursement! Security Guaranteed! MARKETING SUPPORT We are a unique firm that offers 
100% commission and free exclusive marketing tools like: - Personal Professional Website (IDX)
- Personal Marketing Office Assistant
- All Your Marketing & Design Work is FREE
- Email Marketing Training / Email Blasting
- Free Social Media Training: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter 
 - Free Design of Business Cards, Post Cards, Marketing Designs & Listing Presentations
- Free Professional Headshots MULTIPLE LOCATIONS We offer fully dedicated offices strategically located throughout South Florida. Bring your clients into any of our offices for listing presentations, meetings, and closings. · Miami Beach (Lincoln Road Mall) · Kendall (Dadeland) · Broward (Weston) · Hialeah · Aventura · West Palm Beach BROKER SUPPORT Outstanding broker support is always available to help with your transaction strategies, processes, and compliance questions. Perfect for new real estate agents! We offer regular training classes, seminars, an online chat with the broker, technical support, and office managers to help you grow your business and make money!
  • How often do you provide training to agents?
    Training is an important focus at London Foster.

 We provide onsite training classes for all our empowered agents.

 Four times a week, we meet for the London Foster 101. This training is all about YOU! We cover all the basics: 

- Commission Structure
 - Electronic Paperwork Filing
 - EZ Escrow
- Marketing
 - Education
 - Online Technology 
- And so much more!

 London Foster provides “Empowered Agent Training” every Wednesday, covering a wide variety of topics, including:

 - Marketing
 - Sales
 - RE Software 
 - RE Apps
 - Contracts
 - Financing
 - Title 
- Inspections
 - Photography 

All of our training is broadcast live for all our empowered agents to participate either in person or remotely. We keep these training and supporting materials on our online back office for you to access at any time. 

Our intention is to provide real life training and the professional tools to help make London Foster Realtors Empowered Agents! Update: At present time, we continue to offer all our trainings online!
  • Reaching my broker is essential to me. How do I best reach you?
    At London Foster, your Broker is here for you. As the broker, Bobby Mahallati is eager to help you learn and grow. He is available for you 24/7. London Foster has implemented some great ways to help keep you in constant communication with your broker.

Instead of “Monday Morning Meetings”, at London Foster, we gather electronically on a private Chat Group dedicated exclusively to Real Estate.

 You can call your broker at (844) 566-3663 On this line one of his assistants delegates any concerns or questions to the right party.

 You can always email him on or text him via WhatsApp. He will call you immediately to assist.

 In addition to all this, we have equipped the back office with a series of tutorials designed to answer some of the most common questions about our business. All in the hope of facilitating your experience with London Foster!
  • What exactly do you provide regarding marketing support?
    At London Foster, our Marketing Suite is designed to provide our Empowered Agents with a one of a kind extensive list of free marketing tools. With these you can grow your brand in print and electronically using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, your IDX Website, your CRM - Customer Relationship Manager, and Email Marketing.
  • You state that London Foster provides an IDX Website.  What is the cost of a basic website?
    Marketing yourself on the web should be simple. London Foster gives you everything you need to promote your brand, manage relationships, and grow your real estate business online. All in one convenient platform, that is simple to use. IDX WEBSITE: - Responsive Website - IDX Property Searches - Real Time Integration to the MLS - Multiple Templates - Mobile Friendly - Powerful SEO: Search Engine Optimization CRM - CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGER: - Manage Your Own Leads - Set Tasks & Reminders EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGNS: - Nurture Prospects with Email Campaigns - Lead Capture - Social Media Compatibility - Continuous Blog Posts
  • Does London Foster have an Escrow Account? Why does having an escrow account benefit me as one of your Realtors?
    Absolutely. Our London Foster Escrow Account is a great benefit to our Empowered Agents and their clients.

 We strongly recommend using our Escrow Account to help you with your earnest money or first deposit to facilitate the process for your client’s Rental or Sale.

 Imagine having the first month’s rent or an initial deposit in escrow and being able to provide an Escrow Letter with your Contract to Lease (CTL) or an Escrow Letter in 10 Minutes. We also can pay you from those funds and transfer the remaining funds to the title company before the closing.
  • Tell me about EZ Escrow with London Foster
    EZ Escrow is a very powerful tool we provide for our London Foster Empowered Agents. You can easily deposit funds to our London Foster Escrow Account and with their phones, tablets, and computers request and Escrow Letter. This in turn is provided to you within 10 Minutes.
  • I have read all about your back office technology and I know you have an online presence exclusive to me as one of your Realtors. What exactly is it and how does it help me?
    The London Foster back office is a web based online tool provided to all our Empowered Agents. Upon joining our firm, we provide you full access to the site and to all of its functionality.

 The London Foster back office is designed to operate on both your mobile phone and your computer.

It includes many tools. It focuses on facilitating daily tasks our empowered agents need to do their job. With these we provide you access to: Deposit Information Creating an Escrow Letter Submitting Executed Listing Submitting Executed Rental & Sale Contracts Requesting a Commission Payment
  • I have several colleagues that will follow me when I join London Foster. Are there any recruiting incentives at London Foster?
    At London Foster, we love hiring from within. We encourage our agents to tell their colleagues how happy they are, and they do. We also provide an incentive for our Empowered Agents to bring us new team members. For every agent you register who joins we reduce your next sales transaction by $100.
  • My present broker is very slow to pay. I am constantly having to follow up with her to get paid. How does London Foster help expedite my payment?
    At London Foster, we pride ourselves in getting our agents paid quickly. You can be paid by electronic check, ACH, electronic payment, or a standard check. We can also send payment by wire for a nominal fee of $35.

You can also request a CDA - Commission Disbursement Authorization - and be paid at the closing table.
  • Ok. I’m ready to move my license to London Foster, how long will the transition take?"
    The moment you finish signing the Independent Contractor Agreement, you are a London Foster agent and you can practice Real Estate under London Foster.

 We help make a smooth transition.
Once you sign up online, we can have you up and running in less than 24 hours. Just sign up online, we will make the transition immediately. 

We set you up with the Association, the Department of State, and the National Association. 

Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start your branding and digital marketing right away. 

The association takes around 24 hours to have you updated on the MLS and Form Simplicity. In the interim, we have all the most common contracts available to you in our online back office.
  • Which Realtor association is London Foster part of?
    London Foster is an active member of many Real Estate Associations, from Miami to Pensacola. We are in 17 counties, including: Miami-Dade, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples and Sarasota. We are also part of My Florida Regional, which includes 17 counties including Orlando and many more. • Miami Association of REALTORS includes the following counties: Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County (with the exception of Palm Beach Island), Saint Lucie County, Martin County. ( • REALTORS Association of Broward, Palm Beach & St. Lucie includes the following counties: Broward County, Palm Beach County (with the exception of Palm Beach Island), Saint Lucie County. ( • Space Coast Association of REALTORS includes the following counties: Brevard County ( • Naples Area Board of REALTORS includes the following counties: Naples County, Bonita County, Estero County, Fort Meyers County, Cape Coral County, and some of Marco island County. ( • REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee includes Sarasota County and Manatee County. ( • Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association • Greater Tampa Realtors • Real Estate Board of New York We are also members of Stellar MLS that includes many other associations within the state of Florida. For a complete list click on the link below. ( • REALTOR Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc. • Royal Palm Coast Realtor® Association. Cape Coral phone: 239-936-3537 918 Se 46th Lane Cape Coral, Fl 33904 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 5 P.m. Fort Myers Phone: 239-936-3537 2840 Winkler Ave Fort Myers, Fl 33916 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Can I edit, add, and input my own MLS listings?"
    Yes! At London Foster, we give you full access to activate your own listings in the MLS. However, you must adhere to the MLS code of ethics and conduct. All listings must be put in correctly, accurately and kept up to date. We check daily activity to ensure it is correct and in accordance with the law.
  • How long does it take to get paid?
    At London Foster, we pay you immediately. We utilize electronic checks to pay associate commission. In addition to this, you can utilize our revolutionary cloud-based platform to request a commission disbursement letter and get paid at your closing by the title company.
  • What is your cancellation policy and can I keep my listings?
    At London Foster, you can cancel our agreement at any time and for any reason. We hope you'll stay and enjoy 100% commission and our technology! However, we do not make it difficult for you to leave. We believe that a happy agent is a productive agent. Furthermore, you can take all your listings with you!
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